A downloadable game for Windows

A first-person narrative-rich game about the struggles of living with Alzheimer's and slowly losing oneself in the familiar surroundings of the home.

Forgotten is a short, IGF-nominated game developed in just 7 weeks. It is currently in development to become a full-length release.

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You live out the daily life of a person with Alzheimer's. As you play you might realize that things are not where you left them, time might have elapsed, and you may not wholly recognize where you are. Family members will visit you, but you might find yourself losing the thread of conversation and losing track of who they are to you. Each day you get to collect pictures to put in a collage to try to make sense of the world around you.

The game explores the feelings of social isolation and confusion that those living with Alzheimer's experience.



Marlène Delrive: Creative Lead, Level Design, Visual Artist

Jordy van Opstal: Programmer, Project Manager

Ryan Wright: Narrative Design, Level Design

Iben Truelsen: Research, Playtesting

Daniel Gaard Hansen: Programmer


Forgotten - English Language Download 66 MB
Forgotten - Danish Language Download 64 MB


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Loved this game! Games that tackle tough subjects through beautiful

art and imagery on truly amazing and much needed! would love to see this studio create more games around these subjects. 

absolute beauty


Interesting game! Enjoyed playing it!

This was such an emotional and beautiful game. Keep it up! 

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Was a beautiful game and an interesting perspective of someone having Alzheimer's. It was pretty well done and showed the story and how one would feel in a really emotional and great way!


This game was amazing!

I am sad is not available on Mac:

good game

This game honestly hits real close to home, I have a grandma with alzheimers and this is probably what she sees on a daily basis. Everything about this is relatable to me. Very good game and alota research done

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I can't take coffee after making it, anyone having same problem?


necesito el idioma español no entiendo nada😭

I need the Spanish language, I don't understand anything😭
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Sorry for asking but I am only 8 and would like for someone to help me download the game please, I pressed the english link and when I got to the thing where it shows the folder I didn't know what to do or press so I can't play sadly😪


you're 8 go multiply or something bruh

its not letting me download HELP MEEEEEEEEEE :(

Hey Vehsworld, what happens when you click the download button?

it says "thanks for downloading" and nothing happens

That sounds to me like your browser is blocking the download for some reason. Would it be possible for you to try downloading from a different browser?

yes it would, and thank you!

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its only for windows

Deleted 1 year ago

it only says theirs danish language for me :(

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Hey Gluba,

Do you only see one link under the "Download" header? The english version is the top one: 

Forgotten v.1.17.zip

Ah I see, i wasn’t able to see that before but now I can. Thank you. The game was amazing.



Nice game

10/10 Would play again!!!!!!!!

My Game is Stuck French and I can't change it, please reply and help me!


You probably downloaded the Danish version! We have 2 downloads on the page, you want the one titled “Forgotten v.1.17.zip”


Oh shit this was my problem too. I thought the "crazy moon speak" was part of the game because dementia. lol.


Idk why but for some reason when I clicked the “Forgotten v.1.17.zip” it automatically shows tht I'm downloading the Danish version one instead. 

hey can please tell me the name of the music used? its really beautiful and id love to listen to it. btw its such a lovely game!

Hi there, our music was made for the project and unfortunately isn't currently available elsewhere. We're glad to hear how much you've liked the Forgotten Theme though! Thanks for playing.

this is fun

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very fun game  i love that part when your family appears out of nowhere and waters your plant and the design good game 😍

I tried but I always download the game and then it doesn't work please help me and tell me how to download it.

Hey Harley, can you tell us what is going wrong? When you press the download button it should start downloading a zipped file, which you need to unzip before you can play.

Note that it currently only works on Windows.

how do you unzip and also when I downloaded the game and extracted everything I clicked on the game to open it and it said that unity.dll was not found and also I am on windows 10 and can you show me the steps on doing this or a video tutorial will be nice thankyou

I need a quick answer

Hey Harley, with unzipping I meant extracting, which it sounds like you did. After extracting, opening the folder and running Forgotten.exe should work.

I did that but after that it says that unity.dll folder was not found

makes me want to cry

why is my name in weird language?

A great game.We enjoyed it very much.

Sorry, I have been searching high and low; but I cannot find a Mac version of the Forgotten game


We had to remove the mac build as we had issues with it, but we forgot to remove it from our fact sheet. We're very sorry and hope you didn't spend too long searching in vain!

- Mutiny Games

Sh.. - have to find me a windows pc then - thank you for responding

No problem, and sorry for the confusion.
Maybe you can borrow one from someone you know? ;)

Mutiny Games

I need help with starting the game

This was very powerful. Seeing things move and not remember. Forgetting conversations. The blur near the end. All put together extremely well. The game itself looked and ran very nicely. Overall a very meaningful experience captured superbly. Well done to all involved. Fantastic story telling... :)



Thank you so much for the kind words and for the video! We are very moved by all the lovely feedback.

Mutiny Games

Jeg ønsker at spille dit videospil, men jeg har kun en Mac
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